House Committee on Appropriations-S/C on Duplication of 
         75th Legislature
         March 25, 1997
         1:30 pm 
         Capitol Extension, E1.030
         Pursuant to a notice posted on March 20, 1997, the House 
         Committee on Appropriations-S/C on Duplication of Services met 
         in a public hearing and was called to order by the Chair, 
         Representative David Swinford at 2:10 pm.
         The roll was answered as follows:  
         Present:  Representatives Swinford; Coleman; Delisi; Finnell; 
                   Mowery (5).
         Absent:   Representatives Cuellar; Davis; Heflin; Price (4).
         A quorum was present.
         (Representative Heflin now present.)  
         Jeff Horvath, LBB, gave an overview of the performance report 
         on oil spill response authority.
         (Representative Davis now present.)  
         A panel consisting of Garry Mauro, General Land Office, Carole 
         Keeton Rylander, Railroad Commission, and Ralph Marquez, 
         Natural Resource Conservation Commission testified and 
         answered questions on their respective agencies' authority to 
         respond to oil spills.
         John Tintera and Mike Regan, Railroad Commission and Stennie 
         Meadours, Natural Resource Conservation Commission provided 
         additional testimony on agency response to oil spills.
         (Representative Cuellar now present.)  
         The following testified on revenue collection responsibilities 
         for their respective agencies:
         Paul Cockerham, Comptroller of Public Accounts
         Cheryl McBride and Gary Hagood, General Land Office
         Kim Kiplin and James Rinn, Lottery Commission
         Randy Yarbrough, Alcohol and Beverage Commission
         At 4:50 pm, on the motion of Representative Heflin and without 
         objection, the meeting was adjourned subject to the call of 
         the chair.  

         Rep. David Swinford, Chair
         Karen Gibson, S/C Clerk