House Committee on Environmental Regulation 
            Subcommittee on HB 1311 and HB 1426 
            75th Legislature 
            March 13, 1997 
            12:00 pm  
            Capitol Extension, E2.014 
            Pursuant to a suspension of the 5-day posting rule on March  
            13, 1997, and pursuant to an announcement made on the House  
            Floor on the same day, the House Committee on Environmental  
            Regulation, Subcommittee on HB 1311 and HB 1426 met in a  
            public hearing and was called to order by the Subcommittee  
            Chair, Representative Mike Jackson at 12:06 pm. 
            The roll was answered as follows:   
            Present:  Representatives Jackson; Hirschi; Puente (3). 
            Absent:   Representative Dukes (1). 
            A quorum was present. 
            HB 1311 and HB 1426 
            The chair laid out HB 1311 and HB 1426 and explained both  
            (Representative Dukes now present.)   
            Testimony was taken.   
            Both HB 1311 and HB 1426 were left pending without  
            At 1:17 pm, on the motion of the chair and without  
            objection, the meeting was adjourned subject to the call of  
            the chair.   
            Rep. Mike Jackson, Subcommittee Chair 
            Derek Seal, General Counsel