Tuesday, January 14, 1997 
                                      1:00 pm 
                                   Senate Chamber 
            Pursuant to a notice posted in accordance with Senate Rule  
            11.11, a meeting of the Senate Committee on Administration  
            was held on Tuesday, January 14, 1997 in the Senate Chamber  
            at Austin, Texas. 
            MEMBERS PRESENT:                 MEMBERS ABSENT: 
            Senator Chris Harris             Senator Kenneth Armbrister 
            Senator Carlos Truan             Senator David Sibley 
            Senator J.E. Brown 
            Senator Mike Moncrief 
            Senator Bill Ratliff 
            The Chair called the meeting to order at 1:10 pm.  There  
            being a quorum present, the following business was  
            At 1:12 pm Senator Truan assumed the chair.   The Chair  
            laid out SB 195 and recognized the author, Senator Harris,  
            to explain the bill.  There being no public testimony or  
            objections, Senator Truan moved that SB 195 be reported  
            favorably to the full Senate with the recommendation that  
            it do pass and be printed.  The motion carried with a vote  
            of 5 ayes, 0 nays. 
            There being no further business, at 1:18 pm Senator Harris  
            moved that the Committee be recessed  subject to call by  
            the Chairman. 
            Senator Chris Harris, Chair 
            Myra J. Schmitt, Clerk