Wednesday, April 29, 1998 
                                     1 p.m. 
         Pursuant to a notice posted in accordance with Senate Rule  
         11.11, a public hearing of the Long-Term Care Legislative  
         Oversight Committee Subcommittee on a Survey Regarding Nursing  
         Facilities was held on Wednesday, April 29, 1998, in 2E.20 of  
         the Texas State Capitol at Austin, Texas.   
         MEMBERS PRESENT:                        MEMBERS ABSENT: 
         Representative Jim McReynolds, Chair     
         Dr. Ken Kramer, Public Member            
         Pat Karrh, Public Member                 
         The chair called the meeting to order at 1:07 p.m.  There  
         being a quorum present, the following business was transacted.   
         The chair laid out the March 30, 1998, minutes and called for  
         revisions.  There being none, Ms. Karrh moved approval.  There  
         being no objection, the motion prevailed by unanimous consent. 
         The chair announced that the purpose of the meeting was to  
         hear invited testimony from nursing home ombudsmen and medical  
         providers about improving the quality of life in Texas nursing  
         The following persons provided oral and written testimony: 
              John F. Willis, state ombudsman, Texas Department on  
         Aging, P.O. Box 12786, Austin,     Texas 78711. 
              Tim Graves, deputy director, Texas Health Care  
         Association, P.O. Box 4554, Austin, Texas    78756. 
              Jane S. Baker, director of education, Texas Health Care  
         Association, P.O. Box 4554, Austin,     Texas 78756. 
         The following persons provided oral testimony: 
              Dion Turner, assistant food service director, Morningside  
         Manor, 602 Babcock, San Antonio,   Texas 78230. 
              Cindy Norgan, registered nurse, Texas Health Care  
         Association, 122 Deer Hollow Dr.,  Boerne, Texas 78006. 
              Peggy M. Russell, certified medical director, Texas  
         Medical Association, 1313 Red River     #303, Austin, Texas  
              John W. Holtermann, ombudsman, Texas Silver-Haired  
         Legislature, 459 Lindsey, San      Marcos, Texas 78666. 
              Dr. Jack Joseph, dentist, Texas Dental Society, 7926  
         Albin Lane, Houston, Texas 77071. 
              Charlotte Drake, ombudsman, Area Agency on Aging, 274 E.  
         Lamar, Jasper, Texas 45951. 
              Brenda Limuel, nurse aide, Maggie Johnson Nursing Center,  
         1001 Walter, Austin, Texas    78702. 
              Matthew J. Foster, certified nurse aide, Care Inn of  
         Sanger, 408 Fulton St., Denton, Texas   76201. 
              Thelma L. Davis, licensed vocational nurse, Licensed  
         Vocational Nurses Association of   Texas, P.O. Box 614,  
         Giddings, Texas 78942. 
              Gail Treece, ombudsman, Texas Department on Aging, P.O.  
         Drawer 4128, Bryan, Texas     77805. 
              Joseph H. Holstrom, ombudsman, Alamo Area Council of  
         Government, 410 Post Oak,     Ingram, Texas 78025. 
              Ola Kidd, assistant state ombudsman, Texas Department on  
         Aging, 4900 N. Lamar, Austin,      Texas 78751. 
         The chair recognized Senator Mike Moncrief, chair, Senate  
         Interim Committee on Home Health and Assisted Living  
         Facilities, who provided remarks regarding the quality of life  
         in nursing homes. 
         The chair called the following person who registered as a  
         resource witness to provide oral testimony: 
              Anthony Chapple, intergovernmental relations liaison,  
         Texas Department of Human     Services, 701 West 51st St.,  
         Austin, Texas 78714. 
         There being no other witnesses registered or responding to the  
         chair's call for public testimony, the chair closed public  
         With no other business to come before the subcommittee, the  
         chair recessed the subcommittee on a Survey Regarding Nursing  
         Facilities at 5:35 p.m., subject to the call of the chair. 
         Representative Jim McReynolds, Chair 
         Monica D. Cruz, Committee Clerk