HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                         NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING

COMMITTEE: Judicial Affairs

TIME & DATE:  2:00PM or upon adjournment,
             Wednesday, April 16, 1997

PLACE: E2.016

CHAIR: Rep. Senfronia Thompson


HB 907            Madden
Relating to the application of the professional prosecutors law to
the criminal district attorney of Collin County.

HB 1974            McCall / et al.
Relating to the payment of a supplemental salary to the district
judges in Collin County and validation of certain prior acts of the
commissioners court.

HB 2297            Gallego
Relating to the Texas Judicial Council.

HB 2727            Garcia
Relating to the jurisdiction of certain justice of the peace

HB 2734            Uher
Relating to the creation of a statutory county court in Matagorda

HB 3060            King
Relating to recording of proceedings in a county court at law in
Medina County.

HB 3104            Craddick
Relating to appointment of a bailiff for the 385th district court
in Midland County.

HB 3105            Craddick
Relating to the supplemental salaries of judges of the district
courts having jurisdiction in Midland County.

HB 3537            McClendon
Relating to the removal and suspension of judges in municipal
courts of record in San Antonio.

HB 3545            Oliveira
Relating to the statutory county courts in Cameron County.

HB 3555            Marchant
Relating to the creation of municipal courts of record in Coppell.

HB 3556            Hinojosa
Relating to the county courts at law of Hidalgo County.

HB 3558            Cook
Relating to the duties of the district attorney and the county
attorney in Wharton County.

HB 3560            Goodman
Relating to salary supplements from the state for certain county
attorneys and county judges.

HB 3565            Luna, Vilma / et al.
Relating to the duties of the district clerk of Nueces County.

SB 997            Harris
Relating to the procedures for and administration of guardianships.

SB 998            Harris
Relating to the administration and operation of certain trusts.

HB 2003            Thompson
Relating to emergency intervention proceedings concerning a
decedent's estate.

HB 2922            Thompson
Relating to the county clerk's and district clerk's authority to
refuse to file documents that are not accompanied by the
appropriate fee.

HB 3088            Hartnett
Relating to the notice required to be given in a proceeding to
determine heirship.

HB 3333            Hartnett
Relating to compensation of certain personal representatives.



HB 3060
HB 3560
HB 3565


SB 424