NOTICE OF FORMAL MEETING

COMMITTEE: State Recreational Resources
SUBCOMMITTEE: Boating & Water Safety

TIME & DATE: 11:00AM upon adjournment,
             Monday, March 24, 1997

PLACE: E2.020

CHAIR: Rep. Edmund Kuempel

To consider the following:

HB 203            Solomons
Relating to penalties for certain water safety violations.

HB 204            Solomons
Relating to the creation of the boating safety account.

HB 205            Solomons
Relating to designation of restricted areas on certain public

HB 206            Solomons
Relating to requiring a person to complete a boating safety course
in certain circumstances; providing a penalty.

HB 965            Kamel
Relating to requiring a license to operate a boat; providing a

HB 966            Oakley / et al.
Relating to water safety; providing penalties.

HB 1151            Greenberg / et al.
Relating to the operation of personal watercraft.