NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING

COMMITTEE: Administration

TIME & DATE:  7:30AM, Thursday, April 24, 1997

PLACE: Admin. Comte. Ofc. E1.714

CHAIR: Senator Chris Harris


To consider the following:

Bills recommended for placement on the Local & Uncontested Calendar

SB 984            Gallegos
Relating to the preservation, operation, and maintenance of
historical resources and the powers and duties of the Texas
Historical Commission.

SCR 53            Ellis / et al.
Authorizing creation of a joint interim committee to study recent findings
concerning the development of the human brain, human behavior and learning

HCR 11            Wilson / et al.          SP: Brown
Requesting the governor to order the state flag to be flown at
half-staff to honor the memory of Fort Bend County Assistant
District Attorney Gil Epstein.

HCR 148            Wise                     SP: Lucio
Designating the Texas Sweet Onion as the official State Vegetable of Texas.

Other Business