NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING


TIME & DATE: 12:00PM On Adjournment of the Senate,
             Thursday, May 1, 1997

PLACE: Finance Committee Room

CHAIR: Senator Bill Ratliff


To consider the following bills:

SB 1318            Shapiro
Relating to the cost of an attendance credit under the foundation
school program.

SB 1440            Wentworth
Relating to tax exemptions on oil and gas production.

SB 1873            Bivins
Relating to public school finance, including the abolition of the
foundation school fund budget committee.

HB 138            Woolley / et al.         SP: Bivins
Relating to authorization of the creation of Texas growth fund II.

HB 197            West, George "Buddy"     SP: Duncan
Relating to a late application by certain charitable and religious
organizations for an exemption from ad valorem taxation.

HB 1531            Woolley                  SP: Ellis
Relating to the issuance of bonds under the Higher Education
Authority Act.

HB 2116            Craddick                 SP: Brown
Relating to the ad valorem taxation of certain inventories.

HB 2159            Uher                     SP: Patterson, Jerry
Relating to granting resident tuition status to children or
dependents of certain former Texas residents.

HB 2170            Kubiak                   SP: Armbrister
Relating to late fees for a person licensed to process radioactive

HB 2201            Stiles                   SP: Ratliff
Relating to the payment of property taxes pending appeal and to
attorney's fees and penalties in a property tax appeal.

HB 3203            Counts                   SP: Duncan
Relating to the disposition of unclaimed funds by nonprofit
cooperative corporations.

HB 3231            Swinford                 SP: Brown
Relating to the consolidation and use of certain accounts and funds
of the Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission.

HB 3334            Marchant                 SP: Duncan
Relating to securities eligible to secure a deposit of public

HJR 59            Delisi                   SP: Ratliff
Proposing a constitutional amendment limiting debt payable from the
general   revenue fund.

Pending Bills:

SB 1048            Truan
Relating to exempting from ad valorem taxation property owned by
certain organizations constructing, repairing, and providing
housing for low-income and moderate-income persons.

SB 1476            Shapiro
Relating to exempting certain children in foster or residential
care from the payment of tuition and fees at state-supported
institutions of higher education.

HB 1235            Junell / et al.          SP: Ratliff
Relating to authorizing the issuance of revenue bonds for certain
public institutions of higher education.



SB 1476