NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING

COMMITTEE: Natural Resources

TIME & DATE:  2:00PM, Thursday, April 3, 1997

PLACE: E1.028

CHAIR: Senator J.E. "Buster" Brown


To consider the following:

SB 595            Ratliff
Relating to Cooper Lake State Park.

SB 718            Duncan
Relating to the control of harmful excess surface water in the
extraterritorial jurisdiction of certain home-rule municipalities.

SB 728            Nelson
Relating to the status, control over, and disposition of state
property, including property owned or used for the superconducting
super collider research facility.

SB 968            Lucio
Pertaining to the execution of documents on behalf of certain water

SB 1077            Lucio
Relating to estimates of, and delinquent assessments for,
maintenance and operating expenses in certain water districts.

SB 1338            Patterson, Jerry
Relating to certain construction within 200 feet landward of the
natural vegetation line in certain coastal counties.

SB 1463            Wentworth
Relating to the board of directors, boundaries, and financing of
the Southwest Travis County Water District.

SB 1576            Bivins
Relating to the development of performance measures by the Texas
Agricultural Finance Authority.

SB 1588            Haywood
Relating to source reduction and waste minimization plans for
electrical energy production and transmission.

SB 1591            Haywood
Relating to the authority of the Texas Natural Resource Conservation
Commission regarding pollution control or abatement flexibility.

SB 1888            Brown
Relating to the repeal of the authority to abolish certain
conservation and reclamation districts that become part of more
than one municipality.

SB 1354            Brown
Relating to the Board for Lease of University Lands, the leasing,
management, and administration of certain public lands, and related
fees and penalties.

SB 1529            Brown
Relating to utility services for certain dwellings.

SB 1656            Truan
Relating to the authority to dissolve the Sebastian Municipal
Utility District or transfer certain of its assets and obligations.

Pending Business:

SB 1791            Wentworth
Relating to the annexation of a portion of certain municipal
utility districts.

SB 156            Nixon, Drew
Relating to directional signs on public highways for major
agricultural interests.