Appropriations Committee
January 28, 1997-8:00A  

Higher Education
   For:     Reynolds, Herbert H. (ICUT and Higher Ed.)
            Wenrich, Bill (Tx. Assoc. of Community)
   On:      Ashworth, Kenneth (Coord. Board)
            Brown, Don (Coord. Board)
            Crowson, James L. (Texas Tech)
            Cunningham, William H. (Chancellor of U of Tx)
            Hobby, William P. (Univ. Houston System)
            Hurley, Alfred (Univ. of North Tx)
            Thompson, Barry B. (Chancellor Tamus)

Public Education
   On:      Gilchrist, Robin (TEA)
            Gray, Jall M. (TEA)
            Jacobs, Billy G. (TEA)
            Moses, Mike (TEA)
            Vaughan, Nancy (TEA)
            Wisnoki, Joe (TEA)