Appropriations Committee
(Subcommittee on General Government)
January 30, 1997-8:00A  

Budget Overview/General Government
   For:     Johnnie Carr (Tx. Veterans Commission)
            Laura AyoubKeith (The Human Element)
            Ron Harris (Emergency Communication)
            T. Speedy Gonzales (Tx. Disabled Veterans)
            Terrie Hood (Mother/Homemaker)
   On:      Albert L. Bacarisse (TX Reivew Board)
            Bill Clayton (Ste Aircraft Pooling Bd)
            Bob DuLaney (Ste Aircraft Pooling Bd)
            Carey I. Spence (ACSEC)
            Carolyn Purcell (Dept. Information)
            Charles Buerdehinger (Tx. Veterans Commission)
            Doug Brown (Tx. Veterans Commission)
            James Goerke (ACSEC)
            James Labas (Governor's Office)
            Jeff Lopez (Governor's Office)
            Jim Chote (LBB)
            John C. Kerr (Tx. Public Finance)
            Josephine Segura (TCHR)
            Kathy Perkins (Tx. Dept. of Health)
            Lee Deviney (Tx. Public Finance)
            Mike Leo (LBB)
            Patsy Henry (LBB)
            Patsy Palmquist (TUC)
            Ray Mason (TX. Dept. of Health)
            Richard Slake (Tx. Ethics Commission)
            Ronald Redus (ACSEC)
            Samuel Bier (Tx. Veterans Commission)
            Stephanie Coates (LBB)
            Tom Harrison (Tx. Ethics Commission)
            William Hale (TCHR Budget)