Appropriations Committee
(Subcommittee on Public Safety, Criminal Justice and Judi)
January 30, 1997-8:00A  

Budget Overview/Public Safety,Just
   For:     John Cronin Jr. (ASSIST)
            Lynn Bizzell (TX Fire Chief's Assn)
            Rhonda Geffs (Mgmt Services)
            Richard Sullivan (State Fireman's Assn)
   On:      Al Belmarez (Dep Exec Dir State Aff)
            Ana Munoz (LBB)
            Clema Sanders (TX Bd of PI)
            Doyne Bailey (TX Alcohol Bev Commiss)
            Eugene Cargile (Adjutant General's Dept)
            Frank DiTucci (Polygraph Examiners Bd)
            G. Carlton Shelton (Comm of Fire Protection)
            G. Mike Davis (Comm on Fire Protection)
            Gary Warren (Comm on Fire Protection)
            George Craig (TX Bd of PI)
            Hal Boyd (Armory Bd)
            Jack Woods (Comm on Fire Protection)
            James Mangum (Armory Bd)
            Jeannene Fox (TABC)
            Keith Townsend (TX National Guard)
            Lydia Cruz (Armory Bd)
            Martha Dickie (TX Alcohol Bev Commiss)
            Michael Huff (Armory Bd)
            Pat Hughes (Comm on Fire Protection)
            Randy Glasgow (TX Bd of PI)
            Randy Yarbrough (TX Alcohol Bev Commiss)
            Renee Simpson (LBB)
            Rick Travis (LBB)
            Ronnie James (Comm on Fire Protection)
            William Furn (TX Army Nat. Guard)
            William Goodwin (TX National Guard)