Appropriations Committee
(Subcommittee on General Government)
February 3, 1997-8:00A  

Budget Overview/General Government
   For:     Warren, Bill (TX Employees Assn)
   On:      Baldwin, Ed (Governor Witness)
            Beck, Jim (Office of Sec of State)
            Beckett, Sheila (Emp Retirement Sys)
            Campbell, Helen (Fire Fighters Pension)
            Chapa, Robert (Budget Division)
            Chote, Jim (LBB)
            Coates, Stephanie (LBB)
            Curtis, Shari (Comptroller of Pub Acts)
            Garza, Antonio (Office of Sec of State)
            Hamilton, Billy (Deputy Comptroller)
            Horwitz, Rita (Pension Review Bd)
            McGeehan, Ann (Office of Sec of State)
            Meadows, Vickers (TX Incentive & Producti)
            Norris, Robert (LBB)
            Powell, Elaine (TX Incentive & Producti)
            Procter, Dan (Office of Sec of State)
            Reynolds, Don (TX Pension Review Bd)
            Zitelman, Janice (Emp Retirement Sys)