Appropriations Committee
(Subcommittee on Regulatory Agencies)
February 3, 1997-8:00A  

Budget Overview/ Regulatory
   For:     Cable, Mary French (TX Bd of Architectural)
            Cartlton, Belinda (Coalition of TX w/Disab)
            Greer, John (A&M Dept. of Architect)
   On:      Adams, Joe (LBB)
            Arriaga, Roger (LBB)
            Choate, Jim (LBB)
            Cole, Richard (Dept of Lic and Reg)
            Conaway, K. Michael (Public Accountantcy)
            Crawford, Denise Voigt (State Securities Bd)
            DeMarines, John (Savings & Loan Dept)
            Feeney, Harold (Credit Union Dept)
            Ghiglieri, Catherine (Dept of Banking & Finan)
            Grice, Cedric (LBB)
            Hendricks, Cathy (TX Bd of Accountantcy)
            Hermanson, Alan (Public Accountantcy)
            Mann, Linda (Credit Union Dept)
            Mason, Jimmie (TSBPA)
            Molina, Henry (Dept of Lic and Reg)
            Pettijohn, Leslie (Office of Consumer Cred)
            Pledger, Jim (TX Savings & Loan)
            Taylor, Sheila Bailey (State office of Admin)
            Treacy, William (TSBPA)
            Yeakel, Lee (Dept of Lic and Reg)