Appropriations Committee
(Subcommittee on Regulatory Agencies)
February 4, 1997-8:00A  

Budget Overview/ Regulatory
   For:     Coyle, Charles (Structural Pest Control)
            Doss, Darla (Professional Examiners)
            Hanna, Mark (Soc of Prof Surveyors)
            Hill, Beverly (Professional Examiners)
            McNeil, Dick (TX Funeral Service Com)
            Montoya, David (Professional Examiners)
   On:      Adams, Joe (LBB)
            Alspaugh, Delores (Cosmetology Commission)
            Beightler, Suzy (Racing Commission)
            Black, Penny (Cosmetology Commission)
            Brown, Jo-Christy Texas (SPCB)
            Cottrell, Comer (Cosmetology Commission)
            Freeman, David (Racing Commission)
            Gillen, Gary (SPCB)
            Goodson, Jerry (Bd of Land Surveying)
            Grice, Cedric (LBB)
            Horvath, Jeff (LBB)
            Johnson, James (Bd of Land Surveying)
            Mathis, Benny (Structural Pest Control)
            May, Eliza (TX Funeral Service Com)
            Miller, BJ (TX Funeral Service Com)
            Perry, Rick (Dept of Ag)
            Smith, Sandy (Bd of Land Surveying)
            Soward, Larry (Dept of Ag)