Appropriations Committee
(Subcommittee on General Government)
February 5, 1997-8:00A  

Budget Overview/General Government
   For:     Carr. David William (TX Aerospace Commission)
            Cunningham, Walter (TX Aerospace Commission)
            Griffin, Larry (TX Aerospace Commission)
            Kraft, Wally (TX Vet Med Assn)
            True, Jeff (TX Quarter Horse Assn)
   On:      Allbaugh, Joe (Office of Governor)
            Beals, Terry (Animal Health Comm)
            Bourgeois, Katy (Gov Office of Budget)
            Brown, Rob (Citizen)
            Callahan, Melanie (Parks & Wildlife)
            DiKinson, Jim (Parks & Wildlife Dept)
            Frank, Jeff (Citizen)
            Henry, Patsy (LBB)
            Horvath, Jeff (LBB)
            Matthews, Charles (Railroad Commission)
            Mauro, Garry (Citizen)
            Millwee,Tom (Dept of Public Safety)
            Mitamura, Dave (LBB)
            Norris, Robert (LBB)
            Regan, Mike (Railroad Commission)
            Reid, Spencer (TX General Land Office)
            Rich, Danette (GOBP)
            Rylander, Carole (Railroad Commission)
            Sansom,Andrew (Parks & Wildlife Dept)
            Tucker, Jerry (Office of Governor)
            Williamson, Barry (Railroad Commission)
            Winters, David (Livestock Dealer)