Appropriations Committee
(Subcommittee on Health & Human Services)
February 5, 1997-8:00A  

Budget Overview/Health & Human Ser
   For:     Anderson, Patty (UCP of Texas, Inc)
            Anh, Ngo Minh (UCP class program)
            Bower,Bruce (Citizen)
            Cole, Pat (Council on Family Viole)
            Cranston, Ron (Citizen)
            Dieter, Alison (Gray Panthers)
            Dillander, Glenn (UCP class program)
            Dougherty, Russell (CLASS)
            Gauthier, James (UCP Class PRogram)
            Graves, Tim (TX Health Care Assn)
            Latimer, David (Assn of Homes for Aging)
            McPhail, Jennifer (ADAPT)
            Penry, Kellie Jo (UCP class program)
            Schnall, Rona (ADAPT)
            Thomas, Stephanie (ADAPT)
            Tompkins, Kathi Jo (UCP Class program)
            Wall, Raymond (UCP)
            Wittie, David (ADAPT)
            Wyss, Michael (UCP Class Program)
   Against: Gonzalez, Freddy (AD apt)
            Kafka, Bob (ADAPT)
            Spahn, Wayne (ADAPT)
            Wisdom, Marie (Advocates for Home Refo)
   On:      Greebon, Karen (ADAPT)
            Halfmann, Bobby (DHS)
            Hayes, Aaryce (Advocacy, Inc.)
            Herndon, David (DHS)
            Johnson, Jacqueline (DHS)
            McGiffert, Lisa (Consumers Union)
            McKinney, Mike (HHSC)
            Saenz, Danny (Citizen)
            Templeton, J.T. (ADAPT)
            Trimble, Terry (DHS)
            Venza, Tony (DHS)