Appropriations Committee
(Subcommittee on Health & Human Services)
February 6, 1997-8:00A  

Budget Overview / HHS
   For:     Brown, Linda (State Foster Parents)
            Holman, Nancy Engman (TX Care for Children)
            Tod, Theresa Andreas (Network of Youth Svcs)
   On:      Bush, Susan (Commto Prevent Child Ab)
            Caldwell, James (Commission for Blind)
            Hayes, Aaryce (Advocacy, Inc)
            Hine, Jim (TDPRS)
            Kinsey, Marcia (Cntr for Policy Priorit)
            McCowan, Judge Scott (Judge)
            Powell, Rita (Assn of Lic Children)
            Thigpen, Drew (Dept of Reg & Protectiv)
            Westbrook, Pat (Commission for Blind)
            Wright, Vicki (TX Juvenile Prob)