Appropriations Committee
(Subcommittee on Public Safety, Criminal Justice & Judici)
February 6, 1997-8:00A  

Budget Overview/Criminal Justice
   For:     Bower, Bruce (Public Testimony)
            Piper, Jane Quentin (CASA, Inc)
   On:      Aguilar, Jay (AG's Office)
            Ashworth, Kenneth (Coord Bd)
            Bailey, Don (Child Support Div)
            Belton, Sheree Lynn (AG's Office)
            Berry, Jamerson (Public Testimony)
            Davids, Tommy (Dept of Public Safety)
            Davis, Grace (Sex Offender Treatment)
            Dozier, Jim (Public Testimony)
            Geeslin, Julie (AG's Office)
            Haas, Tom (TX DPS)
            Kelly, Laurel (AG's Office)
            Kitley, Mike (AG's Office)
            Laine, Edward (Public Testimony)
            Mason, Victoria Anne (AG's Office)
            Miller, Alvin (Workers Comp)
            Morales, Dan (AG's Office)
            Parr, Bill (LBB)
            Simpson, Renee (LBB)
            Taylor, Beth (AG's Office)
            Thomas, Dudley (Dept of Public Safety)
            Travis, Rick (LBB)
            Vasquez, Adrian (AG's Office)
            Vega, Jorge (AG's Office)
            Vela, David (Child Support Div)
            Wilson, Robert (Contract w Council)
            Zieschang, Beckie (AG's Office)