Appropriations Committee
(Subcommittee on Regulatory Agencies)
February 6, 1997-8:00A  

Budget Overview / Regulatory
   For:     Boston, Nancy (Bd of Nurse Examiners)
            Gilchrist, Alfred (TX Med Assn)
            Gofortti, William Pres (Bd of Podiatric Examin)
            Hanna, Mark (Podiatric Medical Assn)
            Hymans, Allen (Bd of Podiatric Examin)
            Lankford, Wallace (Bd of Med Examiners)
            Lowrance, Kenneth (Bd of Nurse Examiners)
            Thomas, Katherine (Bd of Nurse Examiners)
            Willmann, James (TX Nurses Assn)
   On:      Alonzo,Janie (Bd of Podiatric Examin)
            Beram, Douglas (Bd of Dental Examiners)
            Bronk, Marjorie (Bd of Vocational Nurse)
            Castro, Allan (LBB)
            Davies, Kathleen (Bd of Vocational Nurse)
            Deter, Dwight (Bd of PA Examiners)
            DeWolfe, Kevin (Optometry Bd)
            Ewald, Lois (Optometry Bd)
            Ferguson, Kelly (LBB)
            Hall, Hadley (Bd of Dental Examiners)
            Hill, Jeffry (Bd of Dental Examiners)
            Jenkins, Brenda (PUC)
            Kent, Linda (Bd of Vocational Nurse)
            King, Judy (LBb)
            Levy, Bruce (Bd of Medical Examiners)
            Levy, Bruce (Health Profession Cncl)
            McFarland, Jane (Health Professions Cncl)
            McKeever, Robin (PUC)
            McPherson, Carol (Bd of Dental Examiners)
            Milligan, Maureen (LBB)
            Parker, Glenn (Bd of Nurse Examiners)
            Priest, Paul (LBB)
            Rice, William (Bd of Vocational Nurse)
            Riddering, Hannah (TX NOW)
            Serna, Santos (Bd of Dental Examiners)
            Sweeney, LaVeta (Bd of Vocational Nurse)
            Wood, Patrick Henry (PUC)