Appropriations Committee
(Subcommittee on General Government)
February 10, 1997-8:00A  

Budget Overview / General Governmnt
   For:     Bower, Bruce (Workforce Comm)
            Deese, Michael (Santech Industries, Inc)
            Lawson, David (Apprenticeship Assn)
            Pinkus, David (Sm Business United)
            Wilson, John (Transit Assn)
   On:      Adams, Joe (LBB)
            Arnett, Brenda (Dept of Commerce)
            Arriaga, Roger (LBB)
            Baylor, Hazel (Public Testimony)
            Benaudei, Jeffrey (ATAT)
            Bresette, Patrick (Cntr Public Policy Prio)
            Buckley, Robert (Soil & Water Cons Bd)
            Burnett, William (DoT)
            Coates, Stephanie (LBB)
            Crawford, Harry (Workforce Comm)
            Dyson, Lela (Workforce Comm)
            Ecstein, Kathy (LBB)
            Ellison, Burt (Workforce Comm)
            Garcia, Marc (TX Lottery Commission)
            Grice, Cedric (LBB)
            Hammond, Bill (Workforce Comm)
            Henry, Patsy (LBB)
            Kinsey, Marcia (Cntr Public Policy Prio)
            Kiplin, Kim (TX Lottery Commission)
            Laney, David (DoT)
            Lanford, Lane (Dept of Commerce)
            Leo, Mike (LBB)
            Levine, Steven (TX Lottery Commission)
            Miers, Harriet (TX Lottery Commission)
            Mitamura, Dave (LBB)
            Nesenholtz, David (Workforce Comm)
            Perdue, David (Labor)
            Porter, Karen (TX Lottery Commission)
            Rath, Diane (Workforce Comm)
            Reece, Will (Workforce Comm)
            Reed, Cassie Carlson (DoT)
            Rich, Danette (Gov Budget & Planning)
            Rinn, James (TX Lottery Commission)
            Sadberry, Anthony (TX Lottery Commission)
            Schendel, Dick (Soil & Water Cons Bd)
            Sheridan, Mike (Workforce Comm)
            Toews, Curtis (LBB)
            Townsend, Randy (Workforce Comm)
            Wynne, Anne (DoT)