Appropriations Committee
(Subcommittee on Public Safety, Criminal Justice, & Judic)
February 10, 1997-8:00A  

Budget Overview / Criminal Justice
   For:     Osborn, Max (Retired Judge)
            Reynolds, Herbert (Comm on Judicial Effic)
            Seerden, Robert (Chief Justice, 13th App)
   On:      Arnot, Bud (Chief Justice)
            Barajas, Richard (Chief Justice, 8th Appe)
            Benedict, Jerry (Court Admin)
            Cayce, John (Chief Justice, 2nd App)
            Cornelius, William (Chief Justice, Appeals)
            Davis, Rex (10th Court of Appeals)
            Hardberger, Phil (Chief Justice, 4th App)
            Hecht, Nathan (Supreme Court)
            Phillips, Thomas (Supreme Court)
            Ramey, Tom (12th Court of Appeals)
            Rybacki, Douglas (Court Admin)
            Schneider, Mike (Chief Justice, 1st Dist)
            Thomas, Linda (Chief Justice, 5th App)
            West, David (Assn of State Judges)