Appropriations Committee
(Subcommittee on Health and Human Services)
February 10, 1997-8:00A  

Budget Overview / HHS
   For:     Brinilman, Michelle (Council of Comm MHMR)
            Gantt, Melanie (Mental Health Assn)
            Locklin, Charles (Alliance for Mently Ill)
            Lovelace, Joe (Alliance for Mently Ill)
            Morgan, Dorothy (Council of Comm MHMR)
            Pieofort, Pascual (Arc of Texas)
            Snyder, Ruth (TDMHMR)
            Suckow, Avril (Public Testimony)
   On:      Gilbert, Don (Tx MHMR)
            Greon, Don (TX MHMR)
            Hale, Karen (Tx MRMR)
            Olson, Susan (Arc and Autism Society)
            Utley, Ann (Tx MHMR)