Appropriations Committee
February 13, 1997-8:00A  

Licensing and Regulation, Dept
   On:      Martin, Rachelle (TDLR)
            Smith, Tommy (E.D.)
            Yeakel, Lee (TDLR)

Medical Examiners Board
   On:      Levy, Bruce (TSBME)

Nurse Examiners, Board of
   On:      Thomas, Katherine (Nurse Examiners Board)

Nurses Examiners, Board of Vocation
   On:      Bronk, Marjorie (Nurse Examiners, Voca)
            Kent, Linda Rae (Nurse Examiners, Voca)

Optometry Board
   On:      Ewald, Lois (Optometry Board)

Pest Control Board, Structural
   On:      Cayle, Charles (Pest Control Board)
            Mathis, Benny (Director of PCB)

Physical and Occupational Therapy
   On:      Maline, John (Physical and Occupation)

Plumbing Examiners, Board of
   On:      Kissling, Gilbert (Plumbing Examiners)
            Pereyra, Ernest (Plumbing Examiners)

Podiatric Medical Examiners of
   On:      Hymans, Allen (Podiatric Medical Ex)

Psychologists, Board of
   On:      Lee, Sherry (Psychologists, Board of)
            Nutt, Roberta (Psychologists, Board of)

Racing Commission
   On:      Beightler, Suzy (Racing Commission)
            Freeman, David (Racing Commission)

Real Estate Commission
   On:      Kuntz, William (Real Estate Commission)

Securities Board, State
   On:      Crawford, Denise (State Securities)

Tax Professional Examiners
   On:      Montoya, David (BD.Tax Professional Ex)

Utililty Commission, Public
   On:      Jenkins, Brenda (PUC)
            Wood, Patrick (PUC)

Veterinary Medical Examiners, Board
   On:      Allen, Ron (Veterinary Medical)

Worker's Compensation Comm
   On:      Faulkner, Royce (TWCC)
            Serna, Edward (DIR)