Appropriations Committee
February 18, 1997-8:00A  

Aircraft Pooling Board
   On:      Dulaney, Bob (Aircraft Pooling Board)

Arts, Commission On The
   On:      Ware, Connie (Art, Commission On The)

   On:      Chapa, Robert (Comptroller)
            Hamilton, Billy (Comptroller)

Department of Transportation, TX.
   On:      Bernsen, David (TxDOT)
            Burnett, William (TxDOT)
            Wynne, Anne (TxDOT)

Emergency Communications, Advisory
   On:      Goerke, James (Emergency Communication)

Employees Retirement System
   On:      Beckett, Sheila (ERS)

Ethics Commission
   For:     Woodford, Suzy (Ethics Commission)
   On:      Harrison, Tom (Ethics Commission)
            Slack, Richard (Ethics Commission)

Finance Authority, Texas Public
   On:      Deviney, Lee (TPFA)
            Porras, Judith (TPFA)

Fire Fighters' Pension Commissioner
   On:      Campbell, Helen (Fire Fighters' Pension)

General Services Commission
   On:      Ponder, Judy (General Services Comm.)
            Treadway, Tom (General Services Comm.)

Workforce Commission, Texas
   For:     Barefield, Lasha (TWC)
   On:      Hammond, Bill (TWC)
            Sheridan, Mike (TWC)
            Townsend, Randy (TWC)