Appropriations Committee
February 19, 1997-8:00A  

General Services Commission
   On:      Treadway, Tom (GSC)

Governor, Office of the
   On:      Hawkins, Albert (Governor, Office of)
            Tucker, Jerry (Governor, Office of)

Historical Commission
   For:     Tunnell, Curtis (TX.Historical Comm.)
   On:      Morales, Roni (TX.Historical Comm.)
            Nav, John III (TX.Historical Comm.)

Human Rights, Commission on
   On:      Hale, William (Human Rights)
            Segura, Josephine (Human Rights)

Incentive and Productivity Comm
   On:      Powell, Elaine (Incentive and Product)

Information Resources, Department
   On:      Purcell, Carolyn (Information Resources)

Library and Archives Commission
   On:      Martin, Robert (Library and Archives)

Preservation Board
   On:      Crawford, Richard (Preservation Board)
            Ragland, Brian (Preservation Board)

Secretary of State
   On:      Beck, Jim (Secretary of State)
            Ervin, Clark Kent (Secretary of State)

State-Federal Relations, Office
   On:      Coffee, Roy (State-Federal Relations)
            Rich, Laurie (State-Federal Relations)