Appropriations Committee
February 20, 1997-8:00A  

Adjutant General's Department
   On:      Cargice, Eugene (Adjutant General's)
            Goodwin, William (National Guard)
            Townsend, Keith (Adjutant General's)

Alcoholic Beverage Commission
   On:      Bailey, Doyne (TABC)
            Fox, Jeannene (TABC)

Armory Board, National Guard
   On:      Cruz, Lydia (Armory Board)
            Goodwin, William (TX. National Guard)
            Hift, Michael (Armory, Board)

Attorney General, Office of the
   On:      Gilbert, Don (MHMR)
            Miller, Alvin (Attorney General)
            Morales, Dan (Attorney General)
            Vega, Jorge (Attorney General)
            Zieschang, Beckie (Attorney General)

Fire Protection, Commission on
   On:      Warren, Gary (Fire Protection Comm.)
            Woods, Jack (Fire Protection Comm.)

First Court of Appeals, Houston
   On:      McCormick, Michael (Criminal Appeals)

Judiciary Section, Comptroller's
   On:      Camarillo, Leslee (Comptroller Judiciary)
            Demos, Chuck (Comptroller Judiciary)

Juvenile Probation Commission
   On:      Wright, Vicky (JPC)

Law Enforcement Officer Standards
   On:      Dozier, Jim (Law Enforcement)

Polygraph Examiners Board
   On:      Ditucci, Frank (Polygraph Board)

Private Investigator
   On:      Sanders, Clema (Private Investigators)

Public Safety, Department of
   On:      Gavin, David (DPS)

Sex Offender Treatment, Council
   On:      Davis, Grace (Sex Offenders)

State Prosecuting Attorney, Office
   On:      Paul, Matthew (State Prosecuting Att.)

Supreme Court
   On:      Benedict, Jerry (Supreme Court)
            Phillips, Thomas (Supreme Court)

Workers' Compensation Payments
   On:      Gilbert, Don (Workers' Compensation)

Youth Commission
   On:      Robinson, Steve (TYC)