Appropriations Committee
February 21, 1997-8:00A  

Education Agency, Texas
   On:      Gilchrist, Robin (TEA)
            Monroe, William (TEA)
            Moses, Mike (TEA)
            Vaughan, Nancy (TEA)

School for the Deaf
   On:      Sallep, Marvin (School for the Deaf)

State Board of Educator Cert.
   On:      Junell, Dan (Board of Educator)
            Littleton, Mark (Board of Educator)

Teacher Retirement System
   On:      Dunlap, Charles (TRS)
            Jung, Ronnie (TRS)
            Koontz, Norma (TRS)

Telecommunications Infrastructure
   On:      Hill, Rhonda (TIFB)
            Viramontes, Arnold (TIFB)