Appropriations Committee
February 24, 1997-8:00A  

Midwestern State University
   On:      Rodriguez, Louis (Midwestern State Univ.)

Stephen F. Austin State University
   On:      Angel, Dan (SFA State University)
            Smith, Roland (SFA State University)

Tarleton State University
   On:      McCabe, Dennis (Tarleton State Univ.)

Texas A&M International University
   On:      Jennett, Charles J. (TX. A&M International)

Texas A&M University
   On:      Bowen, Ray (TX. A&M University)
            Playter, Robert (TX. A&M University)

Texas A&M University - Commerce
   On:      Morris, Jerry (Texas A&M Univ.Commerce)

Texas A&M University - Kingsville
   On:      Ibanez, Manuel (TX. A&M Univ.Kingsville)

Texas A&M University System
   On:      Lindsay, Dick (Texas A&M Univ. System)
            Sayavedra, Leo (Texas A&M Univ. System)

Texas A&M University Texarkana
   On:      Hensley, Stephen (Texas A&M Univ.Texarkan)

Texas A&M University-Corpus Cristi
   On:      Furgason, Robert (Texas A&M Univ.-Corpus)

Texas A&M University-Galveston
   On:      Hearn, William (TX. A&M Univ.-Galveston)

Texas A&M University-Prairie View
   On:      Hines, Charles (Prairie View A&M)

Texas Southern University
   On:      Douglas, James (TSU)
            Jackson, William (TSU)
            Young, Bobby (TSU)

Texas Tech University
   On:      Brunjes, Jim (Texas Tech University)
            Haragan, Donald (Texas Tech University)

Texas Woman's University
   On:      Floyd, Brenda (Texas Woman's Univ.)
            Surles, Carol (Texas Woman's Univ.)

TSTC - Harlingen
   On:      Leal, Gilbert (TSTC - Harlingen)

TSTC - Sweetwater
   On:      Johnson, Clay (TSTC - Sweetwater)

TSTC - System
   On:      Strother, Ralph (TSTC - Systems)

TSTC - Waco
   On:      Williams, Fred (TSTC - Waco)

TX Aerospace Commission
   On:      Griffin, Larry (TX. Aerospace Comm.)

TX Higher Education Coord. Board
   On:      Ashworth, Kenneth (TX. Higher Ed. Coord.)
            Brown, Don (TX. Higher Ed. Coord.)
            McWhorter, James (TX. Higher Ed. Coord.)

University of Houston
   On:      Hale, James (University of Houston)
            Kan, Wei (University of Houston)

University of Houston - Clear Lake
   On:      Staples, William (Univ. Houston-Clear Lk.)

University of Houston - Downtown
   On:      Anderson, Chavey T. (Univ. Houston-Dwntown)

University of Houston - Victoria
   On:      Haynes, Karen (Univ. Houston-Victoria)

University of Houston System Admin
   On:      Hobby, William (Univ. Houston System)
            Morian, Beth (Univ. Houston System)
            Tiede, Saralee (Univ. Houston System)

University of North Texas
   On:      Diehel, Phil (Univ. of North Texas)
            Hurley, Alfred (Univ. of North Texas)

University of Texas - Pan American
   On:      Nevarez, Miguel (UT of Pan American)

University of Texas at Arlington
   On:      Williams, Dan (Univ. of Tx. Arlington)
            Witt, Robert (Univ. of Tx. Arlington)

University of Texas at Austin
   On:      Berdahl, Robert (Univ. of TX at Austin)
            Cunningham, William (Univ. of TX at Austin)
            Franklin, G.C. (Univ. of TX at Austin)
            Sharpe, Edwin (Univ. of TX at Austin)

University of Texas at Brownsville
   On:      Garcia, Juliet (Univ.TX. Brownsiville)

University of Texas at Dallas
   On:      Jenifer, Franklyn (Univ. of TX at Dallas)
            Lovett, Robert (Univ. of TX at Dallas)

University of Texas at El Paso
   On:      Natalicio, Diana (Univ. TX at El Paso)

University of Texas at San Antonio
   On:      Kirkpatrick, Samuel (Univ. Tx. San Antonio)

University of Texas at Tyler
   On:      Baker, Bill (UT Tyler)
            Hammon, George (UT Tyler)

University of Texas Permain Basin
   On:      Sorber, Charles (Univ. Tx. Permain Basin)

University of Texas System
   On:      Scott, Tom (UT Systems)

West Texas A&M University
   On:      Long, Russell (West Texas A&M)