Appropriations Committee
February 25, 1997-8:00A  

Aging, Department on
   On:      Sapp, Mary (Department on Aging)

Agriculture Experiment Station, TX
   On:      Hiler, Edward (Agriculture Experiment)

Agriculture Extension Service, TX
   On:      Carpenter, Zerle (Agriculture Ext.Service)

Alcohol Drug Commission, Texas
   On:      Bleier, Terry (TCADA)
            Smock, Mark (TCADA)

Angelo State University
   On:      Hindman, James (Angelo State University)

Animal Damage Control
   On:      Butler, James (Animal Damage Control)

Cancer, Council
   On:      Untermeyer, Emily (Texas Cancer Council)

Children's Trust Fund of TX.Council
   On:      Fields, Janie (Children's Trust Fund)
            Roberts, Dorothy (Children's Trust Fund)

Early Childhood Intervention
   On:      Elder, Mary (Early Childhood)

Engineering Experiment Station, TX
   On:      Haden, Roland (TX.Engineering (Exp))

Food and Fibers Commission
   On:      Surles, Carol (TX. Woman's University)
            Verett, Steve (TX. Foods and Fibers)

Lamar University - Beaumont
   On:      Cottle, Rex (Lamar Univ. Beaumont)

Lamar University - Orange
   On:      Shahan, Michael (Lamar Univ. Orange)

Lamar University - Port Arthur
   On:      Monroe, Sam (Lamar Univ. Port Arthur)

Lamar University Instit. Technology
   On:      Krienke, Robert (LUIT)

Public Community/Junior Colleges
   On:      Wenrich, Bill (TX. Community Colleges)

Rehabilitation Commission
   On:      Ariell, Vernon (Resource - TRC)

Sam Houston State University
   On:      Marks, Bobby (Sam Houston State Univ.)

Southwest Texas State University
   On:      Supple, Jerome (SW Texas State Univer.)

Texas Forest Service
   On:      Hull, James (Texas Forest Service)

Texas Medical Association
   On:      Greene, Deborah (TMA)

Texas State University System
   On:      Nash, Elizabeth (TX. State Univ. System)
            Urbanovsky, Lamar (TX. State Univ. System)

Texas Tech Univ. Health Sciences
   On:      Smith, David (Texas Tech University)

Texas Transportation Institute
   On:      Richardson, Herbert (TX. Trans.Institute)

TX. Engineering Extension Service
   On:      Bennett, Kemble (TX.Engineering Ext.)

TX.A&M Univ. Health Science Center
   On:      Dyck, Walter (TAMU HSC)
            Friedland,Michael (TAMU HSC)
            Smith, Elvin (TAMU HSC)

TX.A&M Univ. System Baylor-Dentist
   On:      Cole, James (Baylor of Dentistry)
            DePaola, Dominick (Baylor of Dentistry)

TX.Veterinary Medical Diagnostic
   On:      Eugster, Konrad (TX. Veterinary)

Univ. of TX. Health Science -S.A.
   On:      Howe, John (UTHSC San Antonio)

Univ. of TX. Medical Branch-Galvest
   On:      Arens, James (UTMB at Galveston)
            Bernier, George (UTMB at Galveston)

Univ. of TX. Southwestern Medical
   On:      Wildenthal, Kern (Univ.of TX.Southwestern)

Univ. of_TX. Health Science-Houston
   On:      Low, David (UT-Houston HSC)

Univ. North TX.Health Sciences-FW
   On:      Richards, David (UT.North TX. Fort Worth)
            Russell, Steve (UT.North TX. Fort Worth)

Univ.of TX Health Health-Tyler
   On:      Hurst, George (Univ.of TX.Health-Tyler)

Univ.of TX. M.D. Anderson Cancer
   On:      Mendelsohn, John (UTMD Anderson Cancer)