Appropriations Committee
February 27, 1997-8:00A  

Animal Health, Department of
   On:      Gonzalez, Victor (Animal Health)
            Nabors, Rick (Animal Health)

Children's Trust Fund of Texas
   On:      Chacon, John (CTF)
            Crow, Shannon (CTF)
            Fields, Janie (CTF)
            Roberts, Dorothy (CTF)
            Winkler, Sarah (CTF)

Fire Protection Commission
   On:      Warren, Gary (TX. Commission on Fire)

Health and Human Services Comm.
   On:      McKinney, Mike (HHSC)

Health, Department of
   On:      Halfmann, Robert (DHS)
            Trimble, Terry (DHS)
            Venza, Tony (DHS)

Housing & Community Affairs, Dept
   On:      Manley, Larry Paul (Housing & Comm Affairs)
            Smith, Melinda (Housing & Comm Affairs)

Lottery Commission, Texas
   On:      Kiplin, Kim (TX. Lottery Commission)
            Miers, Harriet (TX. Lottery Commission)

Low-Level Radioactive Waste
   On:      Coffee, Roy (Ofc of State Fed Reltns)
            Gilmore, Barnie (State Auditors Office)
            Jacobi, Rick (Low-Level Radioactive)
            Schaffner,Timothy (Low-Level Radioactive)

Mental Health Mental Retardation
   On:      Gilbert, Don (MHMR)
            Green, Don (MHMR)
            Hale, Karen (MHMR)

Natural Resource Conservation Comm.
   On:      Pearson, Dan (TNRCC)

Workers Compensation Commission
   On:      Delgado, Ben (TWCC)