Appropriations Committee
(Subcommittee on Major Information Systems)
January 26, 1998-10:00A  

Year 2000
   On:      Bailey, Don (Attorney General)
            Bomer, Elton (Dept of Insurance)
            Burney, Linda (TDCJ)
            Coffee, Roy (State-Fed Relations)
            Cortez, Albert (Attorney General)
            Dunlap, Charles (TRS)
            Eiland, Mark (Attorney General)
            Ghiglieri, Catherine (Dept of Banking)
            Jeffries, Carl (TDCJ)
            Jung, Ronnie (TRS)
            Lauderdale, Mary (Dept of Public Safety)
            Montemayor, Jose (Dept of Insurance)
            Porterfield, Shannon (DIR)
            Purcell, Carolyn (DIR)
            Roberts, Wayne (Andersen Consulting)
            Robinson, Andrew (Dept of Insurance)
            Schirpik, Linda (Dept of Health)
            Williams, J. David (Hale County State Bank)
            Williamson, Diana (Dept of Human Services)
            Yourdon, Jennifer (DLJ Asset Management)