Appropriations Committee
(Subcommittee on Major Information Systems)
March 30, 1998-10:00A  

Long Range Planning
   On:      Francis, Bruce (Blue Cross Texas)
            Sapp, Anne (Dept of Human Services)
            Williamson, Diana (Dept of Human Services)

Year 2000
   On:      Anderson, Sally (Y2k Workgroup)
            Archer, William (TDH)
            Bailey, Don (OAG)
            Burney, Linda (TDCJ)
            DuBois, Mike (Y2K Workgroup)
            Eiland, Mark (OAG)
            Killingsworth, Roger (DPS)
            Lauderdale, Mary (DPS)
            Meyers, Steven (OAG)
            Porterfield, Shannon (DIR)
            Purcell, Carolyn (DIR)
            Robinson, Andy (Y2K Workgroup)
            Salone, Ginger (Y2K Workgroup)
            Schirpik, Linda (TDH)
            Scott, Wayne (TDCJ)
            Thomas, Dudley (DPS)