Appropriations Committee
(Subcommittee on Duplication of Services)
April 1, 1998-9:30A  

Boater Registration
   On:      Bergdorf, Jayna (TPW)
            Robertson, Jim (TPW)
            Sanson, Andrew (TPW)

Health and Human Service Tsk Force
   On:      Marquez, Arnulfo (ACT (Same As Above))
            Pennington, Frank (DHS)
            Sapp, Anne (Tx Department of Health)
            Speights, Sara (Tx. Assn. for Home Care)
            Torres, Leonard (Agency Coord. Tsk. Frce)

Occupational Licensing
   On:      Batterton, Carol (TNRCC)

Remedial Education
   On:      Barron, Glenda (TX Higher Ed. Coord.Brd)
            Joyner, Luther (Bud) (TX Assoc. Jr. Colleges)
            Smisko, Ann (Tx. Education Assoc.)