Appropriations Committee
(Subcommittee on Criminal Justice)
December 1, 1998-9:00A  

Performance Measures & Year 2000
   On:      Aboussie, Marilyn (3rd Court of Appeals)
            Arnot, Bud (11th Court of Appeals)
            Bailey, Don (Office of the Attorney General)
            Barajas, Richard (Council of Chief Justices)
            Benedict, Jerry (Office of Court Administration)
            Birdwell, Bruce (State Office of Risk Management)
            Boyd, John (7th Court of Appeals)
            Burney, Linda (Texas Dept. of Criminal Justice)
            Carlson, Bill (Office of Court Administration)
            Carlson, Claire (Adjutant General's Dept.)
            Cayce, John (2nd Court of Appeals)
            Cornelius, William (6th Court of Appeals)
            Crump, Jacu (Texas Jail Commission)
            Davis, Rex (10th Court of Appeals)
            DiTucci, Frank (Polygraph Examiners Board)
            Dozier, Jim (Commission on Law Enforcement)
            Eiland, Mark (Office of the Attorney General)
            Embree, Alice (Office of the Attorney General, Child Support
            Flores, David (Office of the Attorney General)
            Flowers, Robert (State Commission on Judicial Conduct)
            Hardberger, Phil (4th Court of Appeals)
            Heikkila, Dawn (Criminal Justice Policy Council)
            James III, Daniel (Adjutant General's Dept.)
            Johnson, Jennifer (Office of Court Administration)
            Kimbrough, Jay (Bd. of Private Investigtors)
            Lauderdale, Mary (Texas Dept. of Public Safety)
            Liedtke, Peg (Court Reporters Certification Board)
            Malcolm, Jerry (Texas Military Facilities Commission)
            McCleary, Stephen (Travis County District Attorney)
            McCormick, Michael (Court of Criminal Appeals)
            McNutt, David (Texas Dept. of Criminal Justice)
            Munoz, Ana (Texas Commission on Fire Protection)
            Murphy, Paul (14th Court of Appeals)
            Paul, Matthew (State Prosecuting Attorney's Office)
            Phillips, Tom (Supreme Court of Texas)
            Ramey, Jr., Tom (12th Court of Appeals)
            Robinson, Steve (TX Youth Commission)
            Schlueter, Kay (State Law Library)
            Schneider, Michael (1st Court of Appeals)
            Scott, Wayne (Texas Dept. of Criminal Justice)
            Seerden, Robert (13th Court of Appeals)
            Spriggs, Vicki (Juvenile Probation Commission)
            Thomas, Dudley (Dept. of Public Safety)
            Thomas, Linda (5th Court of Appeals)
            Warren Sr., Gary (Texas Commission on Fire Protection)
            Yarbrough, Randy (Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission)
            Zieschang,Beckie (Office of the Attorney General)