Appropriations Committee
(Subcommittee on General Government)
December 1, 1998-9:00A  

Performance Measures & Year 2000
   On:      Batiste, John Paul (Texas Commission on the Arts)
            Beckett, Shelia (Employee Retirement Sytems)
            Bell, Doug (Texas Low-Level Radioactive Waste Disposal
            Black, Jim (Secretary of State)
            Buerschinger,Charles (Texas Veterans Commission)
            Burgdorf, Jayna (Texas Parks and Wildlife)
            Coats, Max (Texas Animal Health Commission)
            Coffee, Roy (Office of State-Federal Relations)
            Colley, Terry (Texas Historical Commission)
            Cordes, Donna (General Services Commission)
            Crawford,Richard (State Preservation Board)
            Crump, Gene (General Services Commission)
            Daniels, Jerry (Aircraft Pooling Board)
            Goerke, Jim (Advisory Commission on State Emergency
            Graves, Stan (Texas Historical Commission)
            Hale, William (Texas Commission on Human Rights)
            Harrison, Tom (Texas Ethics Commission)
            Heald, Charles (Texas Dept. of Transportation)
            Hernandez, Ricardo (Texas Commission on the Arts)
            Horwitz, Rita (Pension Review Board)
            Jaboi, Rick (Texas Low-Level Radioactive Waste Disposal
            Jaroszewski, Dale (Texas Animal Health Commission)
            Lundquist, Karen (Texas Ethics Commission)
            Martin, Robert (Library and Archives Commission)
            McGeehan, Ann (Secretary of State)
            Oaks, Lawrence (Texas Historical Commission)
            Purcell, Carolyn (Dept. of Information Resoures)
            Ragland, Brian (State Preservation Board)
            Ramsey, Don (Aircraft Pooling Board)
            Saetas, Jeff (Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission)
            Sandeler, Morris (Fire Fighters Pension Fund)
            Sansom, Andrew (Texas Parks and Wildlife)
            Segura, Josphine Delga (Texas Commission on Human Rights)
            Shankle, Glen (Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission)
            Spence, Carey (Advisory Commission on State Emergency
            Thomas, Pat (Secretary of State)
            Treadway, Tom (General Services Commission)
            Tucker, Jerry (Office of the Governor)
            Tunnell, Curtis (Texas Historical Commission)
            Wadle, Lanny (Texas Dept. of Transportation)
            Walsh, Joanne (Texas Dept. of Transportation)
            Ware, Connie (Texas Commission on the Arts)
            Wassdorf, Lorna (Secretary of State)
            Whittenton, Suzy (Texas Animal Health Commission)
            Zeplin, Larry (Dept. of Information Resources)