Business & Industry Committee
(Subcommittee on Truth-in-Hiring Practices)
March 11, 1998-1:30P  

Truth-in-Hiring Practices
   For:     Becht, Deborah (Broadway National Bank)
            Bratton, Pamela (Texas Assn of Staffing)
            Granfor, Jim (Cen. Tx. Human Res Assn)
            Heller, John A. (Tx St Cncl of HR Mgt)
            Howden, Robert (NFIB)
            Kirk, Karen (Self)
            Urias, Clara G. (Tx Conservative Coalit.)
   On:      Haecker, Aaron (TWC)
            Knepp, Christopher (TABCC)
            Marquette, Bob (TWCC, Acting Exec. Dir.)
            Smith, Craig Hinman (TWCC-General Counsel)