Environmental Regulation Committee
February 18, 1997-2:00P  

HB 322
   For:     Joiner, Gary (Texas Farm Bureau)
            Osborn, Maurice (City of Midlothian, Tx.)
            Rep. Pitts (himself)
   Against: Anderson, Dwayne (Clean Water Action)
            Carman, Neil (Sierra Club)
            Cleaves, Rachel (Public Citizen)
            Kelly, Mary E. (Center for Policy Study)
            Phillips, Kim (Texas PTA)
            Smith, Tom (Public Citizen)
   On:      Vogel, Joe (TNRCC)

HB 454
   For:     Rep. Rabuck (himself)
            Smith, Tom (Public Citizen)
   Against: Fields, Leslie (Sierra Club)
   On:      Frederick, David (resource - Rep Hirshi)
            McBurney, Ruth (Tx. Dept. of Health)

HB 717
   For:     Pendleton, Patrick E. (Harris Co.)
            Rep. Bosse (himself)
            Sisk, Cathy (Harris County)