Environmental Regulation Committee
April 15, 1997-2:00P  

HB 1426
   On:      Ratliff, Richard (Tx. Dept. of Health)

HB 1738
   For:     McClendon, Rep. (herself)
   On:      McKinney, Paula J. (Tx. Dept. of Health)
            Zarker, Ken (TNRCC)

HB 3006
   For:     Masterson, Glenn (USA Waste Svcs., Inc.)
            Mowrey, Rep. (herself)
            Rentz, Rebecca (Harris Co. Comm. Crt.)
   Against: Dow, Robert (himself)
            Lynde, Zachary H. (Austin Wood Recycling)
   On:      Neblett, Andrew (TNRCC)
            Pound, Dale A. (TNRCC)

HB 3019
   For:     Miksa, Mary (TABCC)
            Seabree, Ben (TMOGA)
   On:      Smith, Ivan George (Sierra Club (volunteer))

HB 3111
   For:     David, Allen (State Safety Inspection)
            Madden, Rep. (himself)
            Martin, Janet (herself)
            Nowels, Michael (Tx. St. Inspection Assn)
            Prifogle, Hugh (Auto Svc. Assn.)
   Against: Fisher, Jon (Texas Chemical Council)
            Miksa, Mary (TABCC)
   On:      Smith, Ricky (Tx. DPS)
            Steib, John (TNRCC)
   Registering, but not testifying:
   Against: Kramer, Ken (Sierra Club)

HB 3164
   On:      Larson, Bob (TNRCC)
            Williams, Barry (TNRCC)

HB 3192
   For:     Stewart, Mike (Tx Agg & Concrete Assn)
            Turney, John (Tx Agg & Concrete Assn)
   Against: Henry, Stuart N. (CLEAN)
            Smith, I.G. (Sierra Club (volunteer))
   On:      Saitas, Jeff (TNRCC)

HB 3322
   For:     Fisher, Jon (Texas Chemical Council)
            Miksa, Mary (TABCC)
            Seabree, Ben (TMOGA)
   Against: Kramer, Ken (Sierra Club)
   On:      Neblett, Andrew (TNRCC)

HB 3510
   For:     Nowels, Michael (Tx St. Inspection Assn)

HCR 161
   For:     Hinojosa, Rep. (himself)
   On:      Baier, Russ (TNRCC)
            Lester, Jim (Env Instit. of Houston)
   Registering, but not testifying:
   For:     Smith, Tom "Smitty" (Public Citizen)

SB 843
   For:     Cuellar, Rep. (himself)