Environmental Regulation Committee
(Subcommittee on Local Emergency Planning Committees)
March 26, 1998-9:30A  

Local Emergency Planning Committees
   For:     Anderson, Rick (Houston Industries)
            Bolyard, Ron (Ft. Bend Co. LEPC)
            Fisher, Jon K. (Tx. Chemical Council)
            Gonzales, Albert (Pasadena LEPC / self)
            Owens, Fred (Taylor Co. LEPC)
            Paradoski, William Jr. (HLEPC, Exec. Adm.)
            Stephens, Hugh W. (LEPC Houston)
            Summers, Rufus T. (City of Bellaire LEPC)
            Thorum, Dale G. (Bay Area LEPC)
   Against: Browning, Kenneth E. (Jefferson Co. LEPC)
   On:      Adame, Juan J. (Nueces Co. LEPC)
            Freda, George B. (Harris Co. Uninc. LEPC)
            McKinney, Paula J. (Tx. Dept. of Health)
            Moore, Dale (Phillip) (Tx. Dept. of Pub. Sfty.)
            Nauquin, Mary Jane (Dane B. Sheridan)