Environmental Regulation Committee
(Subcommittee on Grandfathered Facilities)
April 2, 1998-9:30A  

Grandfathered Facilities
   For:     Alvarez, Ramon (Envt. Defense Fund)
            Davie, Maxie (CEED)
            Feisinger, Edward G. (Tx. Chemical Council)
            Miksa, Mary (TABCC)
            Pittman, Susan (American Lung Assn.)
            Stansell, Wade (Assn of Electr Co of Tx)
   Against: Anderson, LaNell (herself)
            Cartwright, Martina (Envt. Justice Clinic)
            Cook, Dean (Oil,Chem,&Atomic Wkrs)
            Gomez, Patricia (herself)
   On:      Altman, Peter (SEED)
            Marquez, Ralph (TNRCC)
            Saitas, Jeff (TNRCC)
            Smith, George (himself, Sierra Club)
            Williams, Tony (Tx. Cotton Ginners Assn)