Judicial Affairs Committee
August 7, 1998-10:00A  

Appellate Judicial Election Reform
   For:     Jdg Earl "Smokey"Stover (himself and profession)

Child Support Enforcement
   On:      Arlene Pace (Attorney General's ofc)
            Cindy Groomer (Cty & Dist Clerks Assn)
            Cleve Halliburton (CSED of the AG's office)
            David Becerra (CSED of the AG's office)
            David Garcia (CSED of the AG's office)
            Gary Michael Rashall (himself)
            Grover Mitchell (CSED of the AG's office)
            Jay Briggs (himself)
            Karla Rodriguez (CSED of the AG's office)
            Laura Hornton (herself)
            Lavon Hensley (herself)
            Melody Peck (herself)
            Patricia A. Harris (herself)
            Tamara Courtney (herself)
            Terry Orick (CSED of the AG's office)
            Victoria H. Pero (CSED of the AG's office)
   Registering, but not testifying:
   On:      Bonnie Dool (herself)
            Clint & Stephanie Brist (themselves)

   On:      W. Frank Newton (Supreme Ct Jury Task)

Supplemental Pay for County Attys
   For:     David Aken, Jr. (San Patricio Cty Atty)
            Ed Jones (Angelina County Atty)
            Tom Holleman (Leon County Attorney)
            Tom Krampitz (Dist & Cty Attys Assn)

Uniform Municipal Courts of Record
   On:      Karen Kennard (Texas Municipal League)

Visiting Judges
   Registering, but not testifying:
   On:      Denise Davis (Texas Judicial Council)