Public Safety Committee
March 3, 1997-4:00P  

HB 171
   For:     Sherri Wallace (Dallas Co. Criminal D.A)
   On:      Robert H. Burroughs (Dept. of Public Safety)

HB 1255
   For:     Carlos Reyna (Tx Driving Sch. Assoc.)
            Charles Green (Sears Driving School)
            Debra Roberts (Tx Driver & Safety Assc)
            Gene Walker (Himself)
            Rep. Kevin Bailey (Himself)
   Against: Addis Miller, III (Himself)
            Amariah Harp (Herself)
            Charles L. Taylor (Advanced Traffic Tech)
            Donna Harp (Herself)
            Jim H. Mangum, Jr. (Himself)
            Jody Ripma (Herself)
            Larry Hayes (Himself)
            Rep. Jim Horn (Himself)
            Ronald H. Waggoner (Himself)
            Tim Lambert (Tx Home Sch. Coalition)
   On:      Maj. James O. Ratliff (Dept. of Public Safety)