Public Safety Committee
April 7, 1997-4:00P  

HB 57
   On:      Wayne Green (TCLEOSE)

HB 1176
   For:     Rep. Allen (Author HB 1176)
   On:      David Gavin (DPS)
            Paul C. Jordan (DPS - Special Crimes)

HB 1200
   On:      Kevin Cooper (DPS Liason)

HB 1324
   On:      Jim Goerke (9-1-1 Advisory Comm.)

HB 1380
   For:     Carol L. McDonald (Ind. Col. & Univ. of TX)
            Mary M. Voswinkel (Rice University)
            Rep. Howard (Author HB 1380)

HB 1455
   For:     Gregg Drake, AHC (DETEX Corporation)
            Howard H. Johnson (Himself)
            Rep. Kuempel (Author HB 1455)
            W. Mike Clark (Texas Locksmith Assoc.)
   Against: Forrest Jenkins (Nat. Security Assoc.)
            Malcolm R. Reed (Himself)
   On:      Larry R. Shimek (TBPIPSA)

HB 1856
   For:     Rep. Telford (Author HB 1856)
            Tom Martin (Tx Police Chief's Assn.)
   On:      Carl R. Griffith, Jr. (Chairman, TCLEOSE)
            D.C. Jim Dozier (Exec. Director, TCLEOSE)
            Ken Levine (Sunset Advisory Comm.)
            Onzelo Markum, III (TCLEOSE Commissioner)

HB 2296
   For:     Frank Bardwell (Groda Enterprise, Inc.)
            Gary A. Groda (Groda Enterprise, Inc.)
            John E. Kasprazak (Groda Enterprise, Inc.)
            Rep. Jackson (Author HB 2296)
   Against: Charles E. Murrell (Himself)
            Larry Angle (Fire Equip. Dist. of TX)
   On:      Mark Redlitz, P.E. (TX Comm. on Fire Prot.)

HB 2406
   On:      David Gavin (DPS)

HB 2715
   On:      Linda Boline (DPS)

HB 2909
   For:     Rep. Allen (Co-Author HB 2909)
            Rep. Hupp (Co-Author HB 2909)
            William H. Reid, M.D. (Himself)
   Against: Deborah D. Tucker (Txns Agnst Gun Violence)

HB 3074
   For:     Rep. Gray (Author HB 3074)
            Ted Wood (Randall County Judge)
            Walter F. Kelly (Tx Emergency Mgt. Assn.)
   On:      Tom Millwee (DPS-Div. Emergency Mgt.)

HB 3128
   For:     Alivin Guilbeau (Himself)
            Bill Aleshire (Travis Co. Comm. Court)
            Catherine Ward (Herself)
            David Ward (Himself)
            Deborah D. Tucker (Txns Agnst Gun Violence)
            John Goss (Ellis Co. Sheriff's Dpt)
            Ray Stewart (Ellis Co. Sheriff)
            Rep. Naishtat (Author HB 3128)
            Sandra N. Elder (Herself)
   Against: Dee Day (Herself)
            Herb Chambers (Natl. Rifle Association)
            Tara Anne Reilly (Natl. Rifle Association)

SB 346
   For:     Mark Clark (CLEAT)
   Against: Tom Martin (Tx Police Chief's Assn.)