State Recreational Resources Committee
April 23, 1997-8:00A  

HB 150
   Against: Briggs, Mary Kathryn (Daughters of the Republ)
            Carmack, Mary (Daughters of the Republ)
            Cunningham, Helen S. (Daughters of the Republ)

SB 710
   For:     Martin, Patti (Houston Livestock Show)
            Wyman, Carol R. (Houston Livestock Show)
            Yarbrough, Rep. Ken (author of the bill)
   Against: Barr, James (Tx Ticket Brokers Assoc)
   Registering, but not testifying:
   Against: Parry, Stephen T. (Tx Ticket Brokers Assoc)
            Stopnicki, Jack (Ticket Stop)