Revenue & Public Education Funding, Select Committee
April 8, 1997-11:00A  

Commercial Lease Tax
   Against: Alexander, Andrew (Int. Council Shop. Ctrs)
            Durkin, Rush (Houston Real Est.Counc.)
            McMurtry, Allan (himself;wholesaler)
            Parrish, Ronald (Tandy Corp.)
            Peairson, Mitchell (TX Bld.Owners&Mgr.ASSN)
            Wright, Randy (Inst.Real Estate Mgt.TX)

Franchise Tax- General
   Against: Wright, Randy (Inst. Real Estate Mgt.)

Interior Design Services Tax
   Against: Lauck, Alan R. (The Lauck Group Inc.)
            Schwartz, Irving (TX ASSN Interior Design)
            Steaffelbach, Andre (himself;interior design)
   On:      Bommarito-Crouch, Marla (Graeber&SimmonsAIA Arc)
            Bommarito-Crouch, Marla (The Bommarito Group)
            Bommarito-Crouch, Marla (UT Advisory Committee)
            Gasper, Pete (Laurie Smith Desgn.Assn)
            Harris, Olaf (himself;interior design)
            Stelter, Mary (Amer. Soc. Int.Designer)

Offshore Drilling Equip. Tax
   Against: Plaisance, Moe (Int'l.Assn.Drill.Contr.)

Property Tax- General
   Against: Wright, Randy (Inst. Real Estate Mgt.)

Proposed Draft on HB 4
   For:     Anderson, Charles (himself;Veterinarian)
            Fairfield, Stephan (TX ASSN Comm.Dev.Corp.)
            Grusendorf, Bill (TX ASSN Rural Schools)
            Pierce, Wayne (KISD)
            Pierce, Wayne (TX ASSN Mid-size School)
            Scarcella, Leonard (Mayor of Stafford)
            Scarcella, Leonard (SMSD)
            Summers, Don (himself; business owner)
   Against: Allaway, Bill (TX Taxpyr&Research ASSN)
            Beckendorf, Charles (himself;dairy farmer)
            Bielamowicz,Mark (himself)
            Bratton, Pamela (Career Consultants)
            Bratton, Pamela (TX ASSN of Staffing)
            Burton, Lois (himself;sm.bus.owner)
            Bynum, Diana Lee (Houst.Custom.Brok.Assn.)
            Cowling, David (Amer. Elect. ASSN)
            Crawford, Phil (Dupont/Conoco)
            Crowley-Martinez,Cyndi (TX ASSN of Staffing)
            Cummings, Dale (AMOCO)
            George, Pat (TX Grain Sorghum Prod.)
            Gilbreath, Coby (Ctr. Gas Users Coop)
            Gilbreath, Coby (TX Sugarbeet Growers)
            Greenwade, Karen (TX Counseling ASSN)
            Gunn, Joe (TX AFL-CIO)
            Harris, Dane (TX ASSN Bus.&Ch.Commerc)
            Hartman, Eric (TX Federation Teachers)
            Kleimann, Carl (Nat'l ASSN Prof.Employr)
            Kleimann, Carl (1st Odyssey Group)
            Little, Ladd (himself;TX Merch.Vend.)
            Matthiessen, Susan (TX ASSN Personnel Consu)
            Murphree, Roger (ASSN Elec.Co. of TX)
            Pinkus, David (Small Bus United TX)
            Presnal, James K. (TX Assoc.Nurserymen)
            Seidlits, Curt (ASSN Elec.Co.of TX)
            Space, Chuck (SW Car Wash Assn.)
            Stephens, John (Southwestern Bell)
            Taylor, Travis (TX Grain Sorghum Prod.)
            Tulloch, William (Burlington Res.Oil&Gas)
            Vines, Les (Chaparral Steel)
            Vines, Les (TX Industries)
            Vollmer, Richard (Copper Smelting&Refinin)
            Woolsey, Roger (Amer.Jet Int'l Corp.)
   On:      Bower, Bruce (himself;lawyer)
            Burnett, Quentin (GISD & TASA)
            Carpenter, Bill (Cypress-Fairbanks ISD)
            Carpenter, Bill (Fast Growth School Coal)
            Collyer, David (himself;North West ISD.)
            Daugherty, Craig (Comptroller's Office)
            Dieter, Alison (Gray Panthers)
            Dipprey, Ron (TX Chemical Council)
            Eckels, Robert (Conf. of Urban Counties)
            Eckels, Robert (Harris County Judge)
            Erwin, John (West Teleservices)
            Grundman, Rick (Southern Union Gas)
            Hahn, Norman (himself;Farmer&Rancher)
            Hayers, Jannis (TX ASSN School Boards)
            Hollingsworth, Lonnie (TCTA)
            Howden, Robert (Nat'l Fed Ind. Bus. TX)
            Kouri, Richard (TX State Teachers ASSN)
            Lavine, Richard (Ctr. Pub. Pol. Priority)
            McLamore, Mike (ASSN TX Prof. Educators)
            Middleton, Richard (NEISD)
            Middleton, Richard (TX School Alliance)
            Moak, Lynn (TX School Alliance)
            O'Gorman, John M. (Southern Union Gas)
            Olson, Jerry (TX ASSN Bus&ChamberComm)
            Reid, Ray (Entex)
            Reissig, Mike (Comptroller's Office)
            Veselka, Johnny (TX ASSN School Admin.)
            Wehrwein, Gerald (Energas)
            Wolf, Thomas (himself;65 and over)
            Wood, Bruce (Equity Center)

Tax Reform- Water Issues
   On:      Lewis, Ron (Representative)

Tobacco Tax
   Against: Davis, Michael (Tobacco Institute)
            Elliott, Marvin (Cheyenne Trading Co)
   On:      Ratcliff, Joe (TX ASSN Wholesale Dist.)