Urban Affairs Committee
April 8, 1997-4:00P  

HB 739
   Against: Ryan, Mike (Self)
            Zimmer, John R. (Self)
   On:      Palumbo, Dorothy (Self)

HB 1561
   For:     Casto, Larry (Dallas Mayor, City Coun)
            Freeman, Robert D. (Euless Police Dept.)
            Harper, Captain C.J. (Harris Cnty. Sherrif's)
            McCaghren, Sgt. John D. (Chief Click, Dallas P.D)
            McKamie, Gary L. (Self)
   Against: Fechner, Ruben (TX Burglar & Fire Alarm)
            Jenkins, Forrest W. (National Security Assn.)
            Reed, Malcolm (TX Burglar & Fire Alarm)
            Rowe, Ben (TRA,TFIA,Minyards,&Self)

HB 2111
   For:     Calagna, Anthony (Texas Fire Chiefs)
            Higgins, Mike (TX St. Assn. Fir.Fghtrs)
   Against: Jenkins, Forrest W. (Natl. Security Assn.Inc)
            Thomas, Mark (Self)
   On:      Edwards, Deloss (ST.Firemens&Fir.Marshal)
            Graham, Larry (Self)
            Reed, Malcolm (TX Burglar&Fire Alarm)
            Sullivan, R.F. (St.Firemens&Fir.Marshal)

HB 2511
   For:     Hunter, Rep. Bob (Self)
            Lyons, Lt. Steve (Houston Police Dept.)
            Martin, Melvin (TX Police Chiefs Assn.)
            Merrill, Kathleen (Self)
   Against: Browning, B.J. (Chief of Irving P.D.)
            DeLord, Ronald G. (CLEAT)
            Means, Jack (TX Con.of Pol.&Sheriffs)

HB 3263
   For:     Chan, Gigi (City of Houston)

HB 3324
   For:     Clark, Mark (CLEAT)
            Lyons, Steve (Houston Police Dept.)
   On:      Van Vleck, S.C. (Ft. Worth Police Dept.)