Urban Affairs Committee
February 19, 1998-10:00A  

Housing Issues
   For:     Allen, Monique (TX Assn.Commun.Dev.Corp)
            Chandler, Danny (Dallas Cnty.Sheriffs Dp)
            Rollins, Sandy (TX Tenants' Union)
            Vaughn, Chester (Dal.Cnty.Health/Hum,Ser)
   On:      Fisher, Phil (Rep. Dale Tillery)
            Loessberg, Rick (Dallas Cnty. Comm.Court)

Y2K Probs./Validation
   For:     Gallagher, Douglas R. (City of Allen)
            Rogers, Michael S. (City of Plano)
   On:      Cross, Charles (Econ.Devel.Found.of TX)
            Hartrick, Fred (City of Dallas)
            Porterfield, Shannon (Dept.Informa.Resources)
            Ratliff, James B. (Mayor, City of Garland)