Urban Affairs Committee
March 25, 1998-10:00A  

City Problems
   On:      Lively, Lance (TML)

   For:     Allen, Monique (Maple Ave.Econ.Dev.Corp)
            Bucek, Michael A. (City of Denton)
            Chapman, Steven M. (Energy Wise Technologie)
            Nix, Glenda (Self)
            Wilkens, Will (Energy Wise Technologie)
   On:      Clark, Jeffrey D. (TDHCA)
            Garvin, John (TDHCA)
            Pelley, Frances (Council of Government)
            Phillips, Pete (City of Bonham)
            Ross, Barbara (City of Denton)
            Stiner, Daisy (TDHCA)
            Womack, Joan (Wesley Village Sen.Hous)
            Wright, Frank (Self)

Rural Water Systems
   Against: Donohue, James H. (City of Gunter)

Training of Elected Officials
   For:     Adamson, Christine (Sherman Hgh.Sch.Student)

Transportation Code
   For:     Broyles, Stephen D. (City of Muenster)

Validation Bill
   For:     Atkins, Thomas C. (City of Denison)
            Bledsoe, Ray (City of Howe)
            Broyles, Stephen D. (City of Muenster)
            Bucek, Michael A. (City of Denton)
   On:      Starr, Julie E. (City of Sherman)

Y2K Problems
   For:     Akins, Thomas C. (City of Denison)
   On:      Porterfield, Shannon (Dept.Information Resour)
            Ramsey, John (Self)