Finance Committee
January 15, 1997-9:00A  

Budget/Comm. on Fire Protection
   On:      Bailey, Ken (Ass. of Fire Fighters), Austin

            Cain, Randy (TX Fire Chiefs Ass.), Austin

            James, Ronnie E. (Fire Protection), Austin

            Shelton, Carlton (Fire Protection), Austin

            Stalder, Kelley (Fire Protection), Austin

            Sullivan, Dick (SF and FMA), Austin

            Warren, Gary L. (Fire Protection), Austin

Budget/Comm. on Jail Standards
   On:      Crump, Jack E. (Comm. on Jail Standards), Austin

Budget/Comm. on Judicial Conduct
   On:      Flowers, Robert (SConJC), Austin

Budget/Comptroller's Judiciary Sec.
   On:      Camarillo, Leslee (Comptroller Judiciary), Austin

            Carruth, James (Comptroller Judiciary), Austin

            Dawson-Brown, Claire (Comptroller Judiciary), Austin

            Earle, Ronnie (Comptroller Judiciary), Austin

            McCleary, Steve (Comptroller Judiciary), Austin

   Registering, but not testifying:
   On:      Chape, Robert T. (Comptroller Judiciary), Austin

            Demos, Chuck (Comptroller Judiciary), Austin

Budget/Ct Reporters Certification
   On:      Liedtke, Peg (CRCB), Austin

   On:      Fabelo, Tony (CJPC), Austin

   On:      Davis, Grace L. (CSOT), Austin

            Wilson, Robert E. (CSOT), Austin

   On:      Davis, Tommy (DPS), Austin

            Haas, Tom (DPS), Austin

            Martin, Tom (Police Chiefs Assn), Grapevine

            Thomas, Dudley M. (DPS), Austin

   Registering, but not testifying:
   On:      Casteel, Bruce (DPS), Austin

            Urbanowsky, J.R. (Ron) (DPS), Austin

Budget/Juvenile Probation Comm.
   On:      Pace, Don (Juvenile Probation), Austin

            Wright, Vicki L. (Juvenile Probation), Austin

Budget/State Law Library
   On:      McCormick, Michael J. (State Law Library), Austin

            Schlueter, Kay (State Law Library), Austin

Budget/State Prosecuting Attorney
   On:      Matthew, Paul (State Prosecuting Att), Austin

   On:      Cole, Pat (TC on FV), Austin

            McNutt, David (TDCJ), Huntsville

            Morrow, Mike (TDCJ), Huntsville

            Scott, Wayne (TDCJ), Huntsville

Budget/Youth Commission
   On:      Franks, John (Youth Commission), Austin

            Graham, Terry (Youth Commission), Austin

            Harrell, Pete (Youth Commission), Austin

            Harris, Dwight (Youth Commission), Austin

            Lawrence, Leonard (Youth Commission), San Antonio

            Reyes, Linda S. (Youth Commission), Austin

            Robinson, Steve (Youth Commission), Austin

            Tamayo, Edna (Youth Commission), Austin